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"You're sweaty, baby."

“You’re sweaty, baby.”

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Juliette and Demi Lovato interacted with each other on Twitter

Juliette and Demi Lovato react on Twitter
© Reproduction / Instagram / @Juliet demilovatoJuliette and Demi Lovato react on Twitter

JULIET She is one of the Brazilian queens and the singer loves to give that reason on social networks. A few months ago, it was the sound of ‘BabyI bow to the world singer, Demi Lovatoand the former BBB managed to win Follow from the singer. This week, the former star Disney He was in Brazil for a show and had another interaction with the millionaire.

It turns out that JULIET She went to honor the performance and decided to honor her co-worker in Twitter. However, the winner BBB 21 I misspelled English and instead of writing (sweet/sweet) I ended up writing (sweat/sweaty). The error was noticed by followers, who soon tried to correct the artist.

Show Demi Lovato It was nice. Sound, sound, words, meaning and emotion‘ said the cactus queen. She thanked the pop singer in English:Thanks“I thanked him.”You’re so sweaty, baby [você é muito suada, amor]‘, said the former BBB above tweet. After Juliet realized the error, she deleted the tweet and changed the statement.

ready. revision tweet“, he wrote.” “We are glad we tried to make it right,” he added in another tweet. It should be noted that this is not the first time that the two singers have interacted. In an interview with a columnist Hugo seatingThe influencer revealed that she’s going to pick up Demi Lovato. “I’ve already said it up at BBB…of course! Even if you take‘, shot JULIET.

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