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Rua de Botafogo is ranked as the eighth most beautiful street in the world

Rua de Botafogo is ranked as the eighth most beautiful street in the world

Rua Arnaldo Quintela, located in Rio de Janeiro's colorful Botafogo neighborhood, appeared at number eight on a list of the coolest streets in the world. The list was created by Time Out magazine in its 2024 edition and is fed with notable streets from all over the planet.

Ideal for those who love a good date in bars and pubs, according to the Time Out magazine guide, Rua Arnaldo Quintela has more than 30 different options of bars and restaurants, making the local nightlife sparkling and varied.

Best Street Cup in the World

High Street in Melbourne, Australia ranked at the top of the rankings. In second place, we have Hollywood Road, located in Hong Kong, and in third place, 11th east, is Austin, Texas in the United States.

According to Time Out, these streets were chosen because they have unique characteristics, distinct cultures and an atmosphere of community engagement that make them special.

Diverse taste of arrangement

The streets selected in the ranking cover the most diverse urban environments on the planet. The list highlights Guatemala Street in Buenos Aires, East 11th Street in Austin, Texas, Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as Rua Arnold Quintilla in Brazil.

Other named streets include Chazawa-dori in Tokyo, Japan, Commercial Road in Vancouver, Canada and Bree Street in Cape Town, South Africa.

Brazil is here!

It's a cause for celebration to have a Brazilian street so well placed on the global list. This reflects the diversity and joy our country has to offer. After all, Rua Arnold Quintela is a true representative of the lively and welcoming spirit of the Brazilian people who know, like no one else, the importance of a good street for conviviality and fun.

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So, if you are looking for a trip full of gastronomic options and lively encounters, be sure to include Rua Arnaldo Quintela in your itinerary!