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The King of the Netherlands retires with a golden chariot bearing the image of black slaves |  Globalism

The King of the Netherlands retires with a golden chariot bearing the image of black slaves | Globalism

Hey Ray Willem Alexander, over there DutchOn Thursday (13) it announced that it will no longer use the “golden chariot”. The car, used by Dutch kings since 1901, has a plaque on its side depicting black men kneeling in front of their white masters..

Historic monuments are at the center of the debate over images of colonialism and racism in Dutch society.

Since 2015, the luxury carriage made of gilded wood has not been used by the Dutch royal family, and has been discontinued for renovation. Before that, kings used the golden car to go to christenings, weddings and other great occasions.

After a complete renovation that lasted five years, the carriage is now the focus of controversy in the country due to its decorative panels.

On the left side, a colonial period painting representing black slaves kneeling before white men and a woman seated on a throne representing Dutch. Blacks give him cocoa and sugar cane (see picture below).

Pedestrians walk past the golden carriage, which takes King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to Nordende Palace, after the King of the Netherlands officially opened the parliamentary year in The Hague, Netherlands, on September 17, 2013 – Photo: Peter Dejong / AP

The painting “Greetings of the Colonies” also appears. A white young man giving a book to a black boy, a scene in which the painter Nicholas van der Wey said in 1896 that it represented “civilization”.

The debate on this subject sparked an uptick in the mood in the country.

On the other hand, royalist groups are accused of glorifying a period of racial and inhuman oppression in the country. On the other hand, apologists for the artifact consider the chariot to be a historical object. Which reveals the important moments in Dutch It should not be deleted.

In the statement on Thursday in an official video, the king said he considers Dutch society “unprepared” to see the carriage, known as “Goden Quites”, on the streets again during official ceremonies.

Willem-Alexander said, “We cannot rewrite the past. We can try to accept it together. This also applies to the colonial past.” Gouden Koets may only be used when a file Dutch You are ready for that. This is not the case at the moment.”.

“As long as there are people living in it.” Dutch Whoever feels the pain of discrimination in everyday life, the past will still cast a shadow over our times.”

Holland’s King Willem-Alexander (left) and the country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a ceremony at the Royal Palace Nordende in The Hague on January 10, 2022 – Photo: Sim van der Waal/AP via AP

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