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Royal Defense Force: “Flamengo defeated Velez and their defensive system” - 04/21/2021

Royal Defense Force: “Flamengo defeated Velez and their defensive system” – 04/21/2021

a Flamingo Velez Sarsfield won Turning, 3-2, in Buenos Aires, In his first game in Libertadores Ahead in a game where defense has had trouble, but important players such as Gerson, Araskita W. GabeJul He ended up deciding on red and black one of his nights Sao Paulo also won their first Sporting Crystal victory, While the Santos lost in Barcelona de Guayaquil It’s the Inter was defeated by Always Ready, At the height of La Paz.

No The end of the chat, Live from Sports With journalists Vinicius Mesquita, Renato Mauricio Prado, Alicia Klein and Jose Trajan, debuts for Brazilian clubs in the group stage of Libertadores were analyzed. In the case of Flamengo, Renato draws attention to the triumph of individual talent in the face of failures in the defense system.

“Flamengo continues to gain the individual talents of their players, I would say that today Flamengo defeated Velez and his own defensive system, which is still anarchic and utter chaos, Flamengo was much better than Velez in 80% of the match, Velez set up a goal in stances practically in the only two balls he put in There, he’s not threatening anymore, “says Renato.

“Flamengo’s defensive system is terrifying, Gustavo Henrique took a dribble today and it is one of those man’s dribbles to leave the field, he almost got out, gave a cart and had to leave straight from there, Willian Arau is not watching anyone, Aaron as a very weak defender,” he continues.

The journalist draws attention to the resumption of good football Gerson, who moved on to Aaron’s goal, plus having Everton Ribeiro facing the goal shortly thereafter, missed an opportunity. Gabigol and Arrascaeta were also praised for the way they were critical.

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“If I move from midfield to the front, today Gerson is Gerson again, he gave Arau a great pass, and Gabigole is Gabijol, one of the few balls that was well left for him in the area, cut it off, was saved by the goalkeeper and was knocked out, a penalty kick, a draw. The match has a score of 2 to 2. It’s impressive, every cold corner kick in the back of the crowd, because nobody is shooting anyone inside that area, it’s scary. Then Gabigol hit the penalty kick and closed a goal from Arrascaeta, a goal, ”Renato says.

“ Flamengo beat Velez and beat his defensive system, a great result for Flamengo, an excellent start, it could not be better, the most difficult match was in Flamengo, Feliz is the main opponent of the group, LDU will be the second, but he did not come close to Feliz, and Flamengo won for the first time on Land this main opponent, “he continues.

If the result is the best in an away debut against a traditional opponent, UOL columnist sees some remaining mentions of coach Rogiero Ceni.

He concludes, “An excellent result, but the Flamengo defensive system is still making water, the story of Willian Arau in defense and Diego Behind the Wheel needs to be revised if Flamengo really wants to contest the title of Libertadores in the lead.”