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Room approves MP that enables health plan for PF servers

Room approves MP that enables health plan for PF servers

The Parliament It approved, on Wednesday (11/5), the basic text of the program Provisional Measure 080/2021, which provides for the expansion of resource purposes from the Fund for the Equipment and Activation of Final Activities of the Federal Police (Funapol). The text still needs to be

This issue was reported in plenary by Representative Aluisio Mendes (PSC-MA). The congressman proposed using 50% of Funapol to fund a health plan for the agency’s employees. Previously, in the executive body text, the forecast was an average of 30%. Currently, the Palestinian Police does not have an Autonomous Administration Health Plan for use by public officials.

Authored by the Department of Justice, Representative amends Supplementary Law 89/97, which resulted in the creation of the fund. According to the ministry, the current legislation does not provide for the application of the fund’s resources to “the main assets of the organization and the backbone of the entire Federal Police”: civil servants.

The goal, according to the executive, is to correct the “distortion” that prevents the company from reallocating part of the fund’s resources in favor of creating a server health plan.

In addition, the proposal also addresses the need for legislation providing for the possibility of paying a daily fee to administrative staff with the available resources. And the absence of a reward method, according to the authors, leads to the discontinuation of the company’s missions.

The Department of Justice classifies approval of the order as “essential.” “The principles and guidelines must be translated into concrete and effective measures for the benefit of the Federal Police, bearing in mind that it is up to the difficult task of
The task of contributing, within the scope of the temporary suspension, to the provision of public security services throughout the Brazilian territory”, he defends.

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The file also states that there have been frequent cases of Federal Police officers and employees at risk and even injury in the process. “In this context, it is important that the assistance provided to health protocols is effective, that is, that the police have effective conditions to take care of their health, and in the system in which we include it, it is important that the police can invest in their health. The main asset: the servant”, emphasizes the government .