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João Neto abraçando Frederico em show

With cancer, Joao Neto undergoes surgery and his health is updated

This Thursday (17), joao netofrom the husband with Frederick, underwent surgery to remove a tumor at Hospital de Amor, better known as Barrettos Cancer Hospital, in the interior of São Paulo. The singer is still undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer, he announced to his followers last Wednesday (16).

After the medical operation, Joao Neto went to rest in his room, according to the press office. The press office said, “The singer is already in the room and is fine. He will need to rest for the next 15 days, after which he can begin to return to activities. It is worth noting that the citizen will not need chemotherapy.”

His partner Frederico used social media to update his partner’s health status. “I passed by to give some great news. Thank God, my old brother has already finished the surgery, everything is fine, everything went well. It was a successful surgery. We passed by to thank family, friends and fans who sent positive thoughts and invitations to you special and essential in Our professional life,” Certanejo explained.

Sertanejo Joao Neto has revealed that he has cancer

the singer joao neto42, who forms the country duo with Frederico, He told his Instagram followers on Wednesday (16). Who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer? In December last year, after undergoing routine examinations, he will undergo treatment and surgery at the Hôpital de Amora favour Barrettos Cancer Hospital.

“I will need to have surgery to remove the gland and stay for a while in absolute rest, calm down, without being able to talk. I have to face it, there is no other way. I wanted to tell you this. At first, I thought it would be a bit invasive, I received the diagnosis at the end of the year, in a moment of celebration and joy. But now I have decided to share it with all of you, first, because it is a silent cursed disease that gives no trace, I feel nothing at all.”

The singer continued her talk about the importance of routine examinations to diagnose any disease at an early stage. “It’s too bad to be surprised that way at something you don’t show. So I wanted to share this with everyone. Of course I need prayers and positive thinking for each of you and that’s it. I am in a reference hospital in the world, God willing, everything will be fine. And here is my hug and my gratitude to all my fans and all my fans.”