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Rogério Cini has the ‘perfect team’ available for the first time in Bahia |  Bahia

Rogério Cini has the ‘perfect team’ available for the first time in Bahia | Bahia

There are no athletes in the medical department, and no suspended players. For the first time since his arrival in Salvador, Rogerio Ceni will have the entire squad available to select what he believes is the perfect squad for the team. Bahia. Or at least that’s what everything indicates, according to information released by the club about training.

The team takes the field at 9:30pm on Wednesday, at the Arena Fonte Nova, where it will host Internacional in the 27th round of the Brazilian championship. Only four points separate the two teams in the league table.

Everaldo cites Bahia’s resilience in the face of criticism

The last player to leave the medical tricolor was Leo Cittadini. He has trained without restrictions since Thursday and should be included again for the match against Inter. However, the trend is for the midfielder to be an option off the bench.

Another player who will feature again in Ruggero Ceni’s roster is Cano. The Tricolor defender and captain missed the final round of automatic suspension after being sent off against Flamengo – and Gabriel Xavier was named to replace him in the starting team.

Rogerio Ceni during training at Fonte Nova – Photo: Felipe Oliveira/EC Bahia

The coach also had to make changes to play Bahia without Cowley, Tricolor’s main technical reference, in 2023.. The midfielder was handed over to the medical department when the new coach took over the club. Signe even warned that he was counting on Number Eight’s return during their first contact, in the corridors of Cidade Tricolor.

Watch Bahia’s absences since the arrival of Rogerio Ceni:

  • Curitiba 2 x 4 Bahia: Vitor Hugo (arrested); Cooley, David Duarte and Andre (injured)
  • Bahia 1 x 2 Santos: Rezende (suspended); Leo Cittadini, Cawley, David Duarte and Andre (injured)
  • Flamengo 1 x 0 Bahia: Cole and Leo Cittadini (injured)
  • Goyas 4 x 6 Bahia: Kano (arrested); Leo Cittadini (injury)

In addition to the full squad available, Ruggero Ceni also had time to select his ideal Bahia team. Eleven days separate the win over Goias and Wednesday’s match against Internacionalwhen Tricolor has maximum power for the first time under the leadership of the trainer.

Rogerio Ceni’s squad includes 32 players:

  • Goalkeepers: Marcos Felipe, Danilo Fernandez, Adriel and Matthews Close;
  • Aspects: Gilberto, Andre, Cisinho, Camilo Candido, Ryan and Matthews Bahia;
  • Defenders: Cano, Gabriel Xavier, Marcos Victor, David Duarte, Vitor Hugo and Raul Gustavo;
  • Midfielders: Rezende, Thassiano, Caoli, Iago Filippi, Acevedo, Leo Cittadini, Lucas Mugni, Diego Rosa and Patrick Veron;
  • Attackers: Everaldo, Ademir, Biel, Rafael Ratau, Vinicius Mingotti, Luciano Goba, and Vitor Jacare.