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Research: Flamengo interferes in the competition between Atletico MG and Cruzeiro

Research: Flamengo interferes in the competition between Atletico MG and Cruzeiro

According to the study, 8% of Atlético fans treat Flamengo as their biggest rival

Countries that have two “shirt teams” usually draw attention to the great rivalry between them, as in the case of Minas Gerais, with Atlético MG and Cruzeiro. However, Flamengo “irritates” the dissonance between the two main clubs of Belo Horizonte. According to a CNN/Itatiaia/Quaest survey, 8% of black and white team fans treat Robro Negro as their main opponent.

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This difference in the perception of the rivalry between Atleticonos and Cruzerensis is the result of the history of contentious disputes between Atletico and Flamengo, which in recent decades has increased the rivalry between Atleticonos and the Rio de Janeiro Reds and Blacks. But Cruzeiro is still an important competitor for athletesexplained Felipe Nunes, Director of Quaest Consultoria e Pesquisa, in charge of the work.

For 87% of Atleticonos, Cruzeiro remains the biggest rival, but Flamengo is now considered a good “chip”. On the blue side, city discount recall is at 93%. The CNN/Itatiaia/Quaest poll interviewed 6,507 fans aged 16 or older in 325 Brazilian cities, between March 29 and April 2, 2023. The margin of error is 1.4 percentage points of more or less. Confidence level 95%.

History of competition
Flamengo and Atlético MG had great duels in the 1980s. Rubro Negro was a Brazilian champion over the Miners in 1980, eliminated Team Libertadores in 1981, and took Team Belo Horizonte to the semi-finals of the 1987 Brasileira Championship. For a long time.

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However, in recent years, the rivalry has been “resurrected”. In Brazil 2020, Flamengo were the champions, with Atlético MG third, just three points behind. In 2021, the miners who took the trophy change, and Mingo is second. Last year, Belo Horizonte beat FLA in the Brazilian Super Cup, but in the Round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup, they eliminated Rubro Negro Alfinegro, in the famous “match from hell”.

Mais Querido will face Atlético-MG again at the end of July, in the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship, on a date to be confirmed by the CBF. In the competition, Flamengo will appear this Sunday (16), at 4 pm (Brasilia time), against Coritiba, in the Maracanã.