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Review the salary allowance calendar and how to check if you qualify

Review the salary allowance calendar and how to check if you qualify

Since February, Caixa Econômica Federal has been paying an amount PIS 2023Salary bonus for base year 2021. Next benefit payment will be on June 15th.

To receive PIS 2023, you must have worked at least 30 days in 2021, with a formal contract and bonus amounting to minimum wage, as well as being registered with PIS for at least five years.

According to the federal government, about 20.4 million private sector workers will be paid PIS salaries this year. Passip will be transferred to 2.5 million government employees.

In June, those who receive the salary increase are private initiative workers born in July and August, as well as public service employees whose registration numbers end in 6 or 7.

PIS 2023 calendar


  • January born: from February 15th
  • February born: from February 15th
  • March born: from March 15th
  • Born in April: from March 15th
  • May-born: from April 17th
  • June born: from April 17th
  • July born: from May 15th
  • Born in August: from May 15th
  • September born: from June 15th
  • October born: from June 15th
  • Born in November: from July 17
  • December born: from July 17

What is the value of PIS 2023?

The amount of PIS may vary according to the worker and the time worked during the base pay year (2021). Those who worked all year get the full amount of the bonus, while those who worked less time are entitled to the proportional amount. The full amount of PIS is equivalent to one minimum wage, currently R$1,320.

To find out if you are entitled to PIS and when it will be deposited, you need to access the digital business cardon the gate gov.br Or contact us by calling 158.

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