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Lula's federal revenue minister describes citizens who owe taxes as “criminals”

Lula's federal revenue minister describes citizens who owe taxes as “criminals”

Lula's federal revenue minister, Robinson Barreirinhas, decided to call a citizen who owed taxes a “bandit.”

Lula's government represents a complete reversal of values.

A thief, a murderer and a monthly pusher are treated as “national heroes” by the Labor Party.

But nothing has been said about the corrupt Lava Jato contractors whose billion-dollar fines were overturned by STF's former PT lawyer.

Nothing was said about the scandalous amounts of taxes stolen by his group in Minsalaw and Petrolao.

Anyone who pursues and tries to amass wealth is the real enemy of these criminals.

This is not about “defending government revenues.” It is a matter of choosing whose pockets will be plundered and who will keep the money stolen from the population in their pockets.

Last year, Haddad himself called the community representatives who make up CARF “criminals” as well. The same raw energy. It's the PT method.

This is not the first time and will not be the last that the left has treated business this way, unfortunately. They have always treated and will always treat. There are still those who defend and vote for this red gang.

Ramiro Rosario. Consultant in Porto Alegre.

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