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Renato Augusto shows a surprise with his quick relationship with Corinthians and explains his physical condition

Renato Augusto shows a surprise with his quick relationship with Corinthians and explains his physical condition

After spending more than eight months without an official match while playing for Beijing Guoan, Renato Augusto is living a string of matches in Corinthians. At 33 years old, the athlete spoke about his current physical condition at a press conference.

“Of course it’s a bit difficult for us, you go a long time without playing and you get a big streak of games, so you have to be a little careful about that. But that’s it, game by game we’ll see, after the game, what the body is like, without Risk more trouble later. Not in a hurry, but respecting the body, let’s see how far we can go. Of course, the schedule is a bit tricky, you play practically every two or three days, with flights and the Brazilian Championship is a contested championship Very on it, so you have really stressful games like Bragantino.The number 8 shirt said, it’s to take advantage of game by game to be able to grow physically and technically, and when we think there are no risks, we will stay away from one game or another, but the idea is to play Always “. from Timão.

Renato Augusto started in Corinthians’ last three matches. And the player celebrated the fact that the team had an extra day of rest for the match against Sport, which takes place only on Saturday.

“We’ve done the tests, we’ll have an extra day off now than we did in the last game. Also since December, I haven’t done a series of games like this, so of course we have to be a bit careful and understand and understand the body. I’m still in This adaptation process, but I feel good, and that is the most important thing,” admitted Renato.

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With four reinforcements arriving in the same period of the year, the team continues to adapt to Sylvinho’s work. For the new Corinthians 8 jersey, the group is mixing at a pace beyond expectations.

“Honestly, I thought it would take a little longer, but I think we also found a group that really had an identity, with good players. We talk a lot about the four who arrived, but we can’t forget our cast, and that some players are even at a very young age. , and they give a very large response. So I think it would be unfair to say that the four were the ones who made the Corinthians grow, it wasn’t the case. I think it was a group, in addition to the four, players who were here and who fit in the height and make those players who arrived Now they are growing.”

Renato Augusto was surprised by the ease of mixing in a short time with the new job, especially with the establishment of the Brazilian Championship, and he gave credit to the players who were already at the club before the arrival of reinforcements. The 8 jersey translated that transition into speed.

“I think there was a huge advantage also from the players who were here. But, really, it was a surprise to me, not because of the technical part of the players who arrived, but because of how little time is. The time when the competition is 200 hours an hour and you start a practical season, So it’s a little complicated, but I think maybe it’s a success, I don’t even know if that’s the word, it’s fast,” she concluded.

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