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Bird says Nene changed Vasco's environment and sets 64 points of access: "There's no excuse not to go up" |  Vasco

Bird says Nene changed Vasco’s environment and sets 64 points of access: “There’s no excuse not to go up” | Vasco

Alexander Bird, Vasco’s chief football officer, said Nene’s hiring has helped change the work environment and that the club has no excuse not to move to the top flight. The remarks were made in an interview with ESPN’s Rolou o Melão podcast.

In nearly an hour of the interview, the manager detailed, among several topics, the appointment of the midfielder, who had previously defended Fluminense. The explanation began with the casting plan.

In March, when we agreed on the football plan with the president (Jorge Salgado), I presented moments that will be key in the formation of the team. First assembly at Carioca, some new parts at Brasileiro, in the middle of the replacement window for losses and final modification in August. This is what we did. We brought Walber for doping from Miranda, we brought in Sanchez because we lost Morato to Covid and we identified the need. And Nenê ended up becoming a play… We had Marquinhos Gabriel and Sarrafiore, so Nenê wasn’t just a play, but a character. It could have been useful in any of these moments, but it ends up being applicable in this period now – depending on the context, to conclude:

– We saw in Nene a character who helps change the environment. He changes the locker room, talks to the referee, calls the date, and trains like a boy. He has fun to play and is contagious. He who stands by him, I think, has no right to have a bad day. When Nene appeared we had no doubts. It’s a bit late because Lesca wasn’t convinced that this was necessary, and here we respect and work together. With Diniz, things accelerated and results were produced.

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Alexander Bird and Nene at the midfielder’s presentation in Vasco – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

In five matches with Vasco, Nene scored two goals and assisted two goals. His arrival and Fernando Diniz made the club improve in the table and return to dreams of reaching – the coach was undefeated, with three wins and two draws. In sixth place, with 43 points, they are five behind the G4. If they beat Sampaio Corre, on Saturday, the difference drops to two. There are ten rounds until the end of the competition.

Internally, everyone is talking about access. We have no excuse not to raise Vasco. Is it difficult to win seven in 10 games? Yes it is. But why not? It’s Vasco. “I think we can have no doubts about our ability to rally our work and the fans,” Baird said.

In the manager’s calculations, 64 points would be enough to win one of the four places in Serie A.

– We also know that this B series is one of the most balanced of the past year. There are a lot of people losing points, and the table swings have been quite intense, except for Curitiba, who is doing a pretty good job practically from the start. What will be reflected in the end of the competition, we still do not know. In order not to risk, we want to finish with 64 points – he explained.