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The Brazilian Football Confederation issues a video assistant referee (VAR) vote on a controversial penalty kick in Atlético MG against Fluminense;  See the dialogue |  Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Football Confederation issues a video assistant referee (VAR) vote on a controversial penalty kick in Atlético MG against Fluminense; See the dialogue | Rio de Janeiro

On Monday afternoon, the Brazilian Confederation issued the video assistant referee (VAR) voice for the controversial penalty kick that was scored in Atlético MG’s 2-1 victory over Fluminense, last Sunday, in Mineirao. The field referee was Marilson Alves Silva (BA), while the VAR referee was José Claudio Rocha Filho (SP). Dialogue reveals that the referee saw the ball touch Marlon’s arm in a row with Diego Costa, but considers the move legal. However, he was called by the VAR and convinced of the offense by seeing the photos (Listen to the video above).

Once the move has occurred, the referee does not award the penalty kick and says: “A potential hand. I’ve seen it. The player with the normal position in the arm fray. The ball hits the attacker’s chest and goes into the defender’s hand. The disagreement is normal. (The attacker) tries to control the box and it goes to the player who lowers his hand in the normal sparring.”

VAR Booth notifies: “Potential criminal. Wait, Marielson.”

It concludes: “I recommend a review, possible penalty.”

The VAR team argues with the referee: “The player is in combat, but his arm is above the shoulder line, expanding his space“.

Marilson goes to the cabin and asks to see the photo at normal speed to see the “hot point”.

Then the referee comes to the conclusion: “Well, a highly-armed player, in the linked form, his body is stretched, my penalty without a card”

CBF fires VAR sound at penalty kick in Atlético-MG x Fluminense – Image: Reproduction

Article 12 – FIFA Rules of Football (2020/2021)

Touching the ball with your hand/arm

In order to clearly identify hand/arm irregularities, the arm is known to start from the top of the armpit, as shown in the illustration. Not every touch of the ball on a player’s hand/arm is an offense. It would be an offense if the player:

  • Deliberately touching the ball with your hand/arm. For example, moving the hand / arm towards the ball;
  • Touching the ball with your hand/arm, when your hand/arm is expanding abnormally. A player is seen to extend their body unnaturally, when the position of their hand/arm is not a consequence of the movement or when the position of the hand/arm cannot be justified by the movement of the player’s body for that specific one. continent. By putting his/her hand in such a position, the player assumes the danger of touching the ball with his/her hand and therefore should be punished;
  • Score a goal on the opposing team: directly from the touch of the ball in your hand / arm, even by mistake, including the goalkeeper; Or immediately after the ball has touched your hand/arm, even if it is accidental.

Illustration showing what is an offense and what is not in the “hand” according to the FIFA Rulebook – Image: Reproduction – CBF/FIFA

Hulk turned the charge and tied the match to Atlético MG, who turned in the second stage and won the match. Tricolor marks raised. In an interview on the pitch, David Braz blew up the VAR technology, in the post-match press conference, Marcao echoed the defender.

Tagging only heightened the mood after the match. In the match summary, referee Marilson Alves Silva I reported receiving insults from Bittencourt When going out to the locker rooms. In an interview with the defender He also stabbed David Brazz in the penalty kick. The captain, striker Fred, posted a photo of the blindfolded referee on the social network while watching the action on the VAR screen. In the post-match press conference, Marcão echoed the criticism.

Fluminense’s chief, Mario Bettencourt, was at the organization’s headquarters on Monday. The representative met the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) arbitration committee, Alessio Pena Jr., and the head of the entity, Edinaldo Rodriguez, to officially protest the performance of referees Marilson Alves Silva and Jose Claudio Rocha Filho.

Central whistle: Sandro Mira Ricci does not agree to the penalty kick in favor of Atlético MG, against Fluminense

The defeat, 2-1, kept Fluminense in the standings. The team occupies seventh place in the Brazilian national team with 51 points, and continues to fight for a direct place in the Libertadores 2022. The next match is scheduled for next Sunday against Bahia in Fonte Nova.

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