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In August, the central bank will issue a new advisory on Forgotten Money?  See details of receivables

Released in September? Find out how to apply for a loan through CAIXA TEM

Millions of people are waiting with great anticipation for the release Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil.

Despite the risks highlighted by experts, the beneficiaries of Brazil Aid Keen to apply for the method,

In this article, check the information about Brazil loan help And how to apply for Treasurer Credit fur square his.


a job Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil It happens as follows:

  • until 40% of the amount entitlement of the social program can be jeopardized by the salary loan from Auxílio Brasil.
  • In addition, even 5% It can be used to withdraw and pay off outstanding debts on the card. The loan repayment period is 48 months and the interest is less: about 4%.

Check the Auxílio Brasil loan amount here

Release the aid granted by Brazil?

Although punish Brazil loan help It still hasn’t disappeared chest for subscribers Brazil Aid.

However, Minister Ronaldo Pinto stated that loan contract It should be released by the beginning September in 2022


Many economists warn of the risks Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil.

A subscriber who adopts this type of depreciation will receive installments smaller than Brazil Aid For a long time.

cash credit to him

In addition to Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasilthere is the cash creditwhich releases loans from 300 BRL to 1000 BRL For individuals, a repayment period of up to 24 months and an interest of 1.95% per month.

To apply, you must be interested in the business sector, even if it is more informal.

In addition to individuals, Legal entities and MEIs can order Credit Caixa Tim.

In this scenario, the value can reach 3000 Brazilian RealWith a repayment period of up to 24 months and interest at 1.99% per month.


negative cash loan

a loan square his It is also served to Negativesthat is, for those who have a “dirty name” at establishments such as Serasa and SPC Brasil.

However, only those who do not have debts greater than 3000 Brazilian Real Until January 31, 2022 according to the credit information system.

For this debt rate, unused mortgage and/or bank credit limits will not be considered.

How can I get a loan at CAIXA TEM?

to order cash loans You must use the Caixa Tem app.

The credit request will be analyzed within one week after the request.

click here And see step by step.

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