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Registration is open for the 7th State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation – Brisco Blog

Registration is open for the 7th State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation – Brisco Blog

The 7th State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (VII CECTI) will be held on April 3-4, 2024 at ACATE in Florianópolis. The goal is to collect the perceptions of the different representatives of the science, technology and innovation ecosystem in the state of Santa Catarina to create a document containing strategies for the growth and strengthening of this ecosystem, as provided for by Decree No. 2372 of June 9, 2009, which regulates Law No. 14328, of January 15, 2008. (Santa Catarina Innovation Law).

State Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcelo Viet, emphasized that the conference is an important event to promote dialogue and cooperation, develop new ideas and propose discussions on topics that drive progress, economic development and Santa Catarina. “This is an important meeting of regional leaders working in the STI ecosystem to develop strategic guidelines for the development of the STI ecosystem,” emphasizes Veit.

The seventh edition of the State Congress is based on the main theme of the National Congress to be held in June in Brasilia: a just, sustainable and advanced Brazil. “The programming focuses on very current issues in the field of science, technology and innovation. “We work to unite the academic community, business, government and society, so that we can discuss and present policy proposals for our state,” highlights Diogo Quintino, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

VII CECTI consists of general sessions and also restricted sessions for guests. By registering, anyone will have access to sessions that are open to the public. These sessions can be found in the event schedule and after accessing this registration link: https://www.sympla.com.br/vii-conferencia-estadual-de-ciencia-tecnologia-e-inovacao-de-santa-catarina – Plenary session__2351198

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The Organizing Committee, responsible for the governmental session of the CNCTI (VII CECTI), is composed of the following sectoral representatives of the Santa Catarina CTI System:

• SCTI: Executive coordination and conference convening
• FAPESC: Government Sector Representation (CTI Promotion)
• SBPC: Scientific sector representation
• FOPROP-SC: Institutional representation of the academic sector
• ACATE: Institutional representation of the business sector
• Sustainable Development Goals Movement (Standing Committee Branch): Institutional representation of civil society

Visit the website for more details about VII CECTI: https://www.conferenciacti.sc.gov.br/