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SP Science, Technology and Innovation Conference: Find out how to participate

SP Science, Technology and Innovation Conference: Find out how to participate

The State Congress of Science, Technology and Innovation (CECTI-SP), a preparatory event in the state of São Paulo for the fifth nationwide Congress of Science, Technology and Innovation (CNCTI), begins on Thursday, March 7. The event will discuss sector challenges and how the state can contribute at the national level to stimulating science, innovation and encouraging research.

You can register and participate online or follow the event on YouTube.

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State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation

CECTI-SP is organized by the São Paulo Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation in partnership with the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (Fapesp). The aim is to discuss the challenges in the field of science, technology and innovation in the country and how to contribute to the national agenda of the sectors over the next decade.

According to Vahan Agopyan, State Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation at the institute usb newspaperThis event is a preparation for the National Conference that will be held between June 4 and 6 in Brasilia, but it will address topics that do not necessarily coincide with it.

For example, funding research and innovation, strengthening regional research funding systems, digital transformation and energy will be addressed in this month's edition regardless of the agenda of the annual conference. This is because the topics are important to São Paulo politics.

He also spoke about the role of the event in stimulating discussion about the sectors:

According to the Governor's directives, it is necessary to continue stimulating science and technology in the soil of São Paulo. In the state of São Paulo, we find world-renowned higher education institutions and research centers; They are true leaders in generating scientific knowledge, promoting dialogues and discussions that advance science through innovation and continuous research. This event seeks to discuss how to best leverage this efficiency and seek synergy in actions.

Vahan Agopian

According to Marco Antonio Zago, President of Fabisp, the conference will focus on proposals and proposals for Brazilian strategies, focusing on how to strengthen science, innovation and technology systems at the state and regional levels.

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(Photo: cncti.org/Divulgação)

How to participate and the topics covered

Registration for in-person participation in the conference is now closed. Those interested in attending the event can do so virtually. To do this, simply register on the conference page and follow the activities live, starting at 8:30am on Thursday, using the Zoom link that will be sent.

It is also possible to watch on YouTube on the Fapesp channel.

See how the table will be divided:

  • Funding and organizational models for research and innovation. The role of the state, research institutions, institutions, non-governmental organizations, social organizations, and the public and private business sectors. Amendments and progress in legislation. institutional challenges;
  • Human resources training strategies and developments. Challenges of graduate studies. Incentives for scientific careers: incentives for young scientists, talent attraction, inclusion and diversity;
  • Strengthening regional and governmental science, technology and innovation systems. The São Paulo Model: Successes and Challenges; that it
  • Agenda of strategic topics for scientific, social and economic development. Long-term vision and current priorities. Mission-oriented research.