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Bragança Paulista declares a state of emergency for dengue fever

Bragança Paulista declares a state of emergency for dengue fever

On Wednesday afternoon (6), Bragança Mayor Paulista Amaury Sodré declared a public health emergency due to dengue fever in the municipality.

According to Municipal Decree No. 4403 published in the official press, a state of public health emergency has been declared in the municipality of Bragança Paulista due to the need to take measures to preserve the health of the population by containing the spread of sexually transmitted viruses, especially dengue fever. Chikungunya and Zika are transmitted by Aedes aegypti.”

As of the release of the latest balance, Bragança Paulista had 1,863 notifications and had 1,330 positive cases of the disease. This number is 634% higher than all dengue cases in all of 2023.

Under the decree, forced entry into vacant, unoccupied or abandoned public or private property is permitted, regardless of obtaining prior permission from the owners, as well as into inhabited property in cases where refusal by a person who can permit public entry is a factor.

Operations on dengue-related issues will be addressed on an urgent and priority basis in all public administration bodies and entities, including with regard to strengthening activities, equipment and health teams.

“The transfer of public employees and administrative service providers is also permitted to meet the priority requirements of the Ministry of Health. The legal characterization of the state of public emergency begins with the publication of the decree, this Wednesday, and continues until the situation is corrected.” The local health situation is stable.

The document was signed by City Mayor Amaury Sodre da Silva, Chief Cabinet Secretary José Galileo Matos, Administration Minister Barbara Martinez Pace, Legal Affairs Minister Isadora Centofante Fonseca, and the Health Minister.
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