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“Reform at Atltico CT needs to be done urgently,” Menen says.

“Reform at Atltico CT needs to be done urgently,” Menen says.

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico Madrid

The training center is located at Atltico, Cidade do Galo in Vespasiano

Atltico investor Rubens Menin said on Wednesday (21/12) that Atltico’s CT needs to be renewed urgently. However, according to the businessman, these reforms will only be implemented in Cidade do Galo after the implementation of the Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF).

“CT urgently needs a renovation. It needs a very big renovation, it needs a lot of investment. So it needs an SAF,” the investor said in an interview with Portal Fala Galo on YouTube.

Even after insisting on giving his opinion and saying that Cidade do Galo is the best training center in Brazil, Rubens Menin indicated that Atlético’s training ground needed improvement.

“More than just investing in the base, you have to invest in the technology as well. Although our EC is the best EC in Brazil, it needs to improve. There is a lot to do there. We have to improve,” Menin noted. .

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Rubens Menin said on Wednesday (12/21) that Sociedade Anima do Futebol is necessary to reform CT, however, in an interview with journalist Breno Galante last Monday (12/19), the investor confirmed that Atltico can continue without switching to SAF.

However, the sponsor again defended the project. The change in the club’s company and possible irregularities in the election of the new consultative council have generated “pressure” in viñegra politics.

“It’s a matter of decision. Today Atlético lives in peace without the SAF. With the sale of Diamond Mall, we will pay some debts and move on. Billion), I can live without SAF. But we have to believe that football changes a lot. (…) SAF is A natural path for all clubs and takes you to another level. Atlético will grow a lot, more. It’s faster than we wanted. We’ll cut it short. That’s it”, he defended.

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Rubens Menin confirmed that, at this moment, Atlético is being converted to SAF in due diligence🇧🇷 The term in English refers to the period of study and analysis of the risks involved in a potential transaction, when the investor makes a full survey of all the details of the enterprise.

“There’s a deal done, and we’re in our due diligence moment. Even with MRV Arena and CT out, what we’re seeing is going to be a very interesting value for Atlético. It’s a lot of value,” said Menin.