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French Cup champ says Argentina goalkeeper is soccer’s ‘son of a bitch’: ‘Mbappe shocked him’

French Cup champ says Argentina goalkeeper is soccer’s ‘son of a bitch’: ‘Mbappe shocked him’

Adel Rami, the 2018 World Cup champion in France, shot Amy Martinez, the Argentine goalkeeper who beat the French national team in the 2022 decision.

a hero world Cup to France In 2018, Defender Adel Ramy came out by shooting Emiliano MartinezA goal keeper ArgentinaHe calls him Football’s “eldest son of a bitch”.🇧🇷

after the brothers He won the World Cup against the French last Sunday, and the archer was not spared from provocations directed mainly at Kylian Mbappe.

Martinez, who is known for playing mind games with penalty kick attackers, for example, was seen with a crying baby in Mbappe’s face during celebrations on the streets of Buenos Aires. On Instagram, Ramy did not back down when responding to provocations.

“Hey The greatest son of a bitch in world football. Most hated manThe defender said in a story with a picture of Martinez. The defender also said that the real ‘Golden Glove’ of the trophy was Bono, a goalkeeper Morocco, West, sunset🇧🇷

In the following post, a picture of Mbappe holding the World Cup Golden Boot with the caption “Mbappe must have shocked them because they celebrate winning against our wonders more than winning the cup”🇧🇷

Despite being part of the team and being a champion, Adel Ramy was unable to enter a single minute of the 2018 World Cupwhich the French won by defeating the Croatia in resolution.

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