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Freeland reveals meeting with Textor about Botafogo's plans: 'There was a lot of synergy between what he thinks and what I think'

Freeland reveals meeting with Textor about Botafogo’s plans: ‘There was a lot of synergy between what he thinks and what I think’

John Textor He spent three days in Rio de Janeiro to sign the binding offer to buy 90% of SAF and to get acquainted with the structure Botafogo. On a visit to Espaço Lonier, speak at length with the Director of Football Eduardo Freeland, which revealed details of how the conversation proceeded.

We had a great meeting that lasted about two hours, we watched a training session together when he was in Brazil and then we talked about everything. The conversation was very nice, and there was a lot of synergy between what he thinks about football and what I think, about the practices we seek to adopt and which some financial constraints prevent us from. It’s been one day, one hour in training and two hours in this room, and we hope to have other contacts soon to talk about Botafogo’s future and present as well,” Freeland said in an interview with Central de Mercado, of General Electric.

Freeland sees, in addition to the financial aspect, that the entry of John Textor will be very positive in terms of exchanging information with other clubs of which the American is co-owner, in cases Crystal Palace (ING) e do Molenbeek RWD (Belgium).

– Textor has already explained that the idea is to bring together the clubs he has a stake in around the world. This is very useful for us, not only to increase the magnifying glass, but also to exchange operations and people. An athlete from our team understands that he can play in the English Premier League… This approach is very clever and could make Botafogo a very interesting club, as well as the brand it carries, from the perspective of the future of the athletes – Vreeland added.

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