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Recife was chosen as the headquarters of the 26th CBCENF

Recife was chosen as the headquarters of the 26th CBCENF

The 26th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Councils of Nursing (CBCENF) already has a destination and date set. The plenary session of the Federal Nursing Council (COFIN) unanimously chose, on Wednesday (7/2), the city of Recife as the venue for the event, which this year will take place between 16 and 19 September. The capital, Pernambuco, known as the center of multiculturalism in the northeast of the country, will host the conference again after two decades.

Recife has the necessary infrastructure to host CBCENF and connect nursing not only in Brazil, but around the world. The second largest health center in the country, the city has an extensive hotel network and an extensive air network, with connections to all Brazilian capitals and direct flights to international destinations such as Montevideo, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Lisbon, Panama City and Buenos Aires.

In terms of career numbers, Pernambuco also presents itself as a national powerhouse. It is the fifth largest state in the country in terms of the number of registered nurses, technicians, assistants and midwives, with more than 143,000 registrations.

CBCENF website twenty-sixth – The largest health event in Latin America will be held at the Pernambuco Convention Center, located on the border between the sister cities of Recife and Olinda. With a stage, dozens of rooms and a large outdoor area, it can accommodate more than 30,000 people. The space is also located near hotels, the airport and other facilities.

Betania Santos, President of Cofen, highlighted the commitment to building the CBCENF. “Recife is more than prepared to host a conference of this magnitude. With the headquarters set, we are already working hard to hold another incredible and unforgettable event for Brazilian nursing.”

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Gilmar Junior, president of the Regional Nursing Council of Pernambuco (Coren-PE), defended the city at Coven's plenary session and celebrated the decision. “It is an honor to know that after more than 20 years, we will bring CBCENF to our state. The conference will take place between the cities of Recife and Olinda, that is, we will cover two historic cities. We hope to welcome colleagues from all over the country to learn about our culture, our flavors and our health center which is one of the The largest centers in Brazil and, above all, the nursing struggle in Pernambuco which is an example for the whole of Brazil.”, highlighted.

“Pernambuco is the cradle of historical movements that influence our country to this day, and it has a nursing profession that is mostly female, has black skin and faces many difficulties. In this way, the conference comes not only to stimulate the development of public policies and growth strategies for our category, but also to provide an exchange of experiences and so that we can showcase everything we have built in the country. He added: “We are very excited to hold the largest conference in history.”

Source: Ascom-Coven