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Ramon Diaz admits pressure to achieve results in Vasco and escapes from projects Z-4: “Compete until the end” |  Vasco

Ramon Diaz admits pressure to achieve results in Vasco and escapes from projects Z-4: “Compete until the end” | Vasco

Hey Vasco He was happy again in the Brazilian championship. The team defeated Fortaleza 1-0, on Wednesday evening, in Sao Januario, in a match held within the 27th round, and temporarily emerged from the relegation zone. Coach Ramon Diaz evaluated the match, which witnessed the first goal by Frenchman Payet.

Watch Ramon Diaz’s press conference after Vasco’s victory over Fortaleza

– He has a lot of experience, he is improving day by day, he is getting to know Brazilian football, and we are working hard with him to understand it. He is improving, showing his level, and he is happy for him and for the group, referring to Vasco’s No. 10.

The coach confirmed that the team will continue competing until the end of the tournament, valuing its rise in the standings. The team moved up one place and thus left Z4. Depending on the outcome of Santos and Bragantino’s match on Thursday, he could remain out. Now Vasco’s focus turns to the classic match with Flamengo.

Ramon Diaz in Vasco x Fortaleza – Photography: Andre Durau / GE

– It’s a great team, and it has a great coach. The recovery period is short, and we have to prepare well for this important match. I’m happy that I’ll be playing at the Maracanã because I wasn’t able to be in the other match (I was suspended against Atletico MG). I play hard, and we will compete and fight. It would be a great classic.

Below are other responses from Vasco’s coach:

The necessity of obtaining the three points was extremely important. He can give us that quality and experience that we need in the team at this moment. We had two important absences, Medel and Paulinho, who convey this experience and quality. We are working hard with the team, tactically, physically and psychologically, so that we can compete until the end. Vasco was the farthest ever, and now we are competing and there is little difference between the two teams. It will not only be difficult for us, but for everyone. We are ready to compete until the end.

– I must congratulate the players because they are improving a lot in the work we do. A difficult match, with pressure, we needed to win. We had five clear chances in the first half and did not score any goals. In appreciation of the team’s work and determination, we never stopped believing in the goal we scored against a team playing very well, which will compete in the South American final. The victory was deserved. We had a great first half, but the second half was balanced and struggled until the end.

The importance of São Januario in this “battle”

– It is important that we play on our home field. The stadium and the audience convey the fighting spirit. We have to play like we did in the first half, with a lot of pressure and a lot of dynamics and I hope we can do that until the end.

Payet and Vigeti, on the night of the Frenchman’s first goal for Vasco – Photography: Andre Durau

Marlon is one of the club’s great young players. He has great technical and physical abilities, and he trains well, but he has to correct some tactical issues. He is young and has everything to grow. We give him confidence and calm, because he is still young, and he must continue playing because he has great talent.

– It’s like playing in Monumental, because of the number of crowds, the surroundings, and the classics. Let’s try to get everyone back and have a great game. As a coach this will be my first time.

“Payet decides”, celebrates Joao Almirante | Fan sound

Vasco’s next commitment is the classic match against Flamengo, Sunday, 4pm, at the Maracanã