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Robau responds to Augusto Melo at Corinthians: “Time will show who is telling the truth” |  Corinth

Robau responds to Augusto Melo at Corinthians: “Time will show who is telling the truth” | Corinth

Rubens Gomez refutes the accusations made by Augusto Melo, Corinthians president

In an interview with Canal do Benga, Augusto Melo claimed that Rubau was given around 60 tickets for each match for family and friends and that he was angry when this benefit ended. The former manager responded.

– I came here again to talk to you. I thought I would stay out of the limelight for a while, and I wanted to tell you that I came here to clarify the lies that the president told. It distorts all the facts, it’s impressive, it’s impressive. But I know where he took this course, half right. I wanted to say about tickets. He said I have 60 tickets and I haven’t received any tickets, it’s a lie. The recipient was the department [de futebol] There were 40 tickets.

These 40 tickets that the administration received were to serve players, authorities, artists, and people who arrived at the last minute from other clubs. Furthermore, 90% of these tickets have been returned, and 90% of these tickets have been returned. I recorded everything on my cell phone, and most of those tickets have been returned,” said Robau.

Augusto Melo and Rubao watch Corinthians training – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

Another point answered by Rubau concerns, according to Augusto Melo, the meeting with opponents Andres Sánchez and Jorge Calil, in an attempt to obtain members of the company’s board of directors. Corinth If they turn against the current president.

– Andres, it’s impressive. I ran his campaign, I helped get him elected, and I was the biggest advocate for innovation and transparency, okay? He said that I am cooperating with the Renovação e Transparência organization to overthrow him. You are kidding, right? Then you crossed the line, do you understand? Yes, Dr. Jorge Khalil called me for coffee, because they had a meeting a week ago with the president to clarify some doubts and they left with more doubts.

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– They came to me to try to explain. I went to have coffee with them to try to explain. When I got there, they wanted to talk about TV law. I said I cannot explain because I am not the one who handles television law. So they continued to doubt. In fact, the TV rights haven’t been closed to this day, okay? – said Robau.

GE Corinthians explains the dispute between Rubau and Augusto Melo

According to Augusto Melo, Robau “did not succeed” in leading black and white football and caused discomfort internally with his brutal behaviour. He also pointed out the former manager’s mistake in handling the Matías Rojas case, which ended with the midfielder’s departure and the filing of a R$40 million lawsuit against the club. Corinth In FIFA.

Regarding Rojas, I left his manager for 10 days without responding. I never spoke to Rojas’ manager ever. I always spoke with Rojas’ attorney, Dr. Rafael. At the request of the President himself, I dropped the case at his request and referred it to Fabinho Soldado. I also documented this on my cell phone.

Rubens Gomes, known as Rubau, former Corinthians manager at Palmeiras x Corinthians – Photography: Marcos Riboli

Rubau ended his speech by criticizing the club’s current management and marketing department, which, according to him, were unable to take advantage of the club’s new resources. Corinth.

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