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Rafinha and Moreira play down the drama on both sides of Sao Paulo in the decisive week  Sao Paulo

Rafinha and Moreira play down the drama on both sides of Sao Paulo in the decisive week Sao Paulo

Hey Sao Paulo It will be the most important week of the season (so far) in the next few days. On Tuesday, at 7:30pm (Brasilia time), in the Paulista Championship, they will face Corinthians who are trying to break the taboo of never beating their opponent at the New Quimica Arena; Then, on Sunday, at 4pm, in Mineirão, the Super Cup match will take place against Palmeiras, and the team will win the first title of the year.

Sao Paulo beats the Portuguese and enters a week full of classics

On the eve of the Classics, the first for coach Thiago Carpini Sao Paulo There can be problems on both sides. Igor Vinicius felt discomfort in his right thigh during the 1-0 win over Portuguesa on Saturday, and is unlikely to face Corinthians. Wellington, on the other hand, has played his first 270 minutes for the Tricolors in 2024 and may be physically exhausted.

The worrying scenario for the tricolor is not worse because coach Thiago Carpini had two good pieces of news on the eve of the two classic matches: Rafinha and Moreira, both right-backs, are 100% physically fit and can take the field against Corinthians and Palmeiras.

Rafinha in training in Sao Paulo – Photo: Rubens Cherry/Sao Paulo

The 19-year-old missed the first two games of the season because he was doing specific load control work to be 100% physically fit.

The same thing happened with Rafinia. The experienced 38-year-old full-back is yet to make his debut Sao Paulo In 2024, but he is available to the technical committee to face Corinthians. It should be a start.

Watch the press conference following the match between Sao Paulo and Portuguesa with Thiago Carpini

Rafinha started the pre-season while still recovering from a tendon injury in his left leg, sustained in the match against Atlético MG, the penultimate match of the 2023 Brazilian Championship. Only on Sunday did he return to training with the rest of the players. group.

As for left-back, coach Thiago Carpini only has Wellington and youngster Patrick, who is yet to play in 2024. However, Moreira can also be improvised in this sector.

With these four aspects, Sao Paulo The most important week of the season so far begins as he attempts to break the taboo and become champion.

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