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To play for Santos, Angolo presses Cruz Azul: I have faith'

Bryan Angulo accesses Santos for free after being valued at R$26 million in 2019

a saints Ecuadorean striker Brian Angolo, former Cruz Azul (Mexico) should announce as reinforcement of the day (first). Recruitment takes place after three years of “delay” and at much lower values. In 2019, under President Jose Carlos Perez, Bixe searched for the player, who at that time was Emelec’s top scorer (EQU). Demand is afraid: R$26 million.

“In Angulo, you will have great difficulty … Emelec is asking for 7 million US dollars (25.9 million Brazilian reals, at the time) and 70% of the economic rights,” Perez said at the press conference. time.

Six months after Peixe’s bid, Emelec sold the rights to Bryan Angulo to Cruz Azul for US$5.5 million (R$20.4 million). He didn’t live up to expectations, he was loaned to Tijuana, also from Mexico, in 2020, and now he’s leaving for free.

Angolo had signed with the team from Gasso (Mexico) until June and tried to get him released early. He gives up an award and two salaries for severance and is free to sign with Santos until June 2023, with the condition of renewing for another year.

Santos will pay gloves and reduced commission in salaries. This “package” should cost about R$500,000 per month. The board recognized that because there were no purchase values ​​involved, the investment was well worth it.

Brian Angulo was coach Fabian Bustos’ favorite for the role of central attacker and will fight for space with Marcos Leonardo, Leo Baptistao and Rowan. The 26-year-old knows that at Santos and alongside Bustos he could be called up again for the Ecuadorean national team, ensuring qualification for the World Cup in Qatar.

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