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Quidditch Champions launches day one on PS Plus

Quidditch Champions launches day one on PS Plus

It’s just been announced and 150 PlayStation Points for catching the Golden Snitch! Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is a day one launch on PS Plus when it debuts on September 3 on the brand’s consoles.

Featuring iconic characters from the film franchise and books such as Harry himself, the game was confirmed as part of Sony’s social media service, shortly after the demo was presented on the Summer Game Fest stage. Check it below:

Calling all stalkers, hitters, guards and seekers 🧹

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions launches on September 30 as a day one title for PlayStation Plus.

Have you played Hogwarts Legacy? You will have a great time playing Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

Warner Bros. And prepare another surprise for the players. If you missed Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy and feel sorry for it, here’s a treat for your adventure in this charming open-world RPG:

Hogwarts legacy with Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

You receive:

  • A Moontrimmer theme for your vacuum;
  • Skin of champion Sebastien Salo
  • Sebastien Salo’s stick
  • Ancient magic symbol
  • A celebration of ancient magic

It looks like Harry Potter fans will have a lot of content to enjoy this September. You like? share with your friends!

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