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Xbox Game Show 2024: Windows Club Predictions and Predictions

Xbox Game Show 2024: Windows Club Predictions and Predictions

As the countdown to Xbox Games Showcase 2024 comes to a close, the gaming community is abuzz with speculation and anticipation. The event is one of the most anticipated events on the gaming calendar, and promises to reveal the future of interactive entertainment. Here, we round up the hottest rumors and fans’ wildest wishes for what could be a historic performance.

Hey WindowsClub We share basically every credible or controversial rumor about the future of Xbox, so we have some ideas about what could happen:

Games we’ve never seen before – It’s something that seems obvious, but Microsoft is full of really interesting games that need to be explored, and basically they didn’t even need to be new, it was enough to show off several already announced projects. I note that there are at least three new games here.

  • Gesars 6 – Graphics that are probably on par with Hellblade 2
  • DOOM: The Dark Ages – It’s ‘Year Zero’ Leaked in FTC Documents with New Version
  • Perfect dark gameplay
  • State of Decay 3 with graphics in Unreal Engine 5
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 6 has been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass, but it will still be the highlight of the event as it is usually the best-selling game of the year and many insiders have questioned this.
  • Activison Blizzard on Xbox Game Pass – After years of waiting, the time has come.
  • Forza Horizon 6 – Playsground Games has the potential to deliver now, but we know that the Xbox brand no longer relies on this franchise as much as it did last generation. This is a possibility, but the location is usually leaked before the announcements and nothing has been leaked regarding that. So he probably won’t show up now.
  • Starfield DLC – The most played single-player game of last year is clearly going to be strong on stage. The arrival of amendments should also be announced.
  • Fallout 3 Remaster – Just like Doom, leaked FTC documents.
  • Elder Scrollss Remaster – Same case as Doom and Fallout.
  • Square Enix partners and the game is on Xbox Game Pass, and perhaps FF16 will be announced. Square Enix has returned to great relations with Microsoft.
  • Dropshow, maybe Tauerborn. However, I think there will be no game show because it probably wouldn’t have been as interesting with Hi-Fi Rush. we will see.
  • New game from Double Fine. The studio is making a couple of smaller games, so it’s very possible we could see something here.
  • World of Warcraft on Xbox – It’s something Blizzard will try, but we don’t know if the time is now.
  • Portable Console Teaser – We’ll likely have a Windows device with an ARM processor and a separate AI processor. It can support more stores and has exclusive offers on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo (via emulator, :P). Anyone who follows Windows and its development is already preparing for something like this in a few years.
  • Fairy play
  • Xbox Series
  • Dates announced, Indiana Jones and more games from the live developers
  • Banjo-Kazooie appears to have received a larger budget and expanded its scope. It may appear now. We deserve it. We’re waiting for some platformers, even if it’s from Toy for Bob or Double Fine. Let us pray.
  • New Zenimax online game. The target of many rumors and job advertisements. I think it’s time.
  • New game from Actiison – rumors are they are preparing something Destiny style. Will we see now?
  • Blizzard – Project Odyssey has been canceled, and we want more of it here. First conference as an Xbox member, so I hope you arrive in style.
  • New backwards compatible games from Bethesda and Activison Blizzard
  • Gears Collection – Something so dreamy, but it could be real as songs from the games 4 weeks ago have been reworked using The Coalition logo.
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The event is expected to last for two hours, and it may be the largest event Xbox has ever held. However, without fuss, please note that this information is not official. The Xbox team doesn’t say that, just the duration is hidden. They don’t promise anything this time!

With so many possibilities, Xbox Games Showcase 2024 promises to be an event full of surprises and emotions. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for a spectacle that could define the future of gaming.