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a WhatsApp Tries a new format for sending links in a conversation. According to the WABetaInfo portal, in Beta 23.5.78 for iOS, the messenger made available a thumbnail of the page preview indicating the link sent, either in groups or privately.

thus, Even before the user clicks on the email address, it will be possible to check its content. The feature has been created to prevent people from falling for scams ever since to request The number of scams by sharing unknown links is increasing.

In addition, the new tool will help users not to waste time, being able to select using the preview if the content is relevant or not at that moment. However, it is important to note that the improvement is being released gradually to the beta public.

More power to the administrator

In practice, the messenger is preparing a tool that will give administrators more autonomy, including in terms of including or excluding participants. The news was discovered by the portal WABetaInfo.

In short, the individual in charge of managing the group will be able to approve the entry of new members whenever there is a request. that way, The user will not be able to access the chats until they are accepted by the administrator.

However, for this to happen, administrators must enable the option. Thus, when configuration is enabled, the person responsible for group It will have more control over the inputs and outputs.

The mute caller feature is unknown

the site WABetaInfo Also find out in the latest version of WhatsApp A beta feature that allows you to mute incoming calls from unknown numbers. The new tool will bring many benefits, such as fewer interruptions and not being disturbed by spam calls.

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The launch comes with the implementation of communities, with some users complaining about being approached by an unknown number who are part of the community. Thus, the functionality provides a reduction in inconvenience.

WhatsApp tests changes displaying links in the app – Image: Play.

According to the portal, the new feature will be on Settings section. Hence, to use it, you will need to activate it. With the tool already enabled, only spam calls will be listed in Call Center and Notifications.

However, it is important to note that the new functionality to silence unknown numbers is still under development and has not been made available to beta users. Therefore, if no serious problems are found, it will be launched for testing.

Feature to edit sent messages

a WhatsApp Tests a feature that many users expect. almost , It will be possible to edit messages already sent on the messaging platform. However, the functionality is still under development in the beta version of the messenger for iOS.

According to the site information WABetaInfoAfter the message is sent, the user will have up to 15 minutes to correct any errors or add some information. However, to do this, it will be necessary to to request be in the latest version. The feature is being tested on the iOS version.

In addition, it is possible that there will be a new update that will allow you to edit subtitles for media, whether they are images or videos. However, no There is no official prediction of when the functionality will arrive in the final version. Likewise, it is not known if it will be exclusive to iOS or if it will also be implemented on Android.

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