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The attacker says the game looked the same

The attacker says the game looked the same

Neymar Comment on news related to Fortnite today. He liked the leather that his looks would make and also approved a new trailer.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker recorded a video in which you can see new photos of the game. At first he saw the skins and said they looked like him. He even liked the celebration the character gave, in which he appears asking for silence.

Then Neymar was happy to see the new trailer for the first time in which he appeared as a character in the game. “Awesome! I really liked the video. Fortnite guys, thanks for the affection and for this confidence in their ability to be a part of the game in a world that I really like and admire. I hope all of the fans and all the players who play Fortnite enjoy it. I hope you use it a lot and have fun.” Until the game, “said the PSG player.

News about Neymar will arrive in the Fortnite match on Tuesday (27). In addition to the character, Copa Neymar Junior will be staged, with a custom shoe as a prize. Yesterday the shoe was shown on social media.

On the field, Neymar is preparing to face Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals. Paris Saint-Germain will host the English team in its first leg on Wednesday (28).

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