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PS5 father Mark Cerny talks about the arrival of Dolby Atmos

PS5 father Mark Cerny talks about the arrival of Dolby Atmos

The next big PS5 update has already been detailed by Sony, but there’s one feature in particular that’s been getting attention: Dolby Atmos audio technology. In a message sent to Digital Foundry analysts, Mark Cerny, the controller’s designer, talked a bit more about the functionality.

First of all, the Dolby Atmos It is a tool capable of reproducing cinema-quality sound. It enhances realism and provides more immersion while playing various multimedia products such as games, movies, and music. In practice, he baptizes the effects and engages the viewer in a multidimensional way.

Originally, the video game was using Tempest to bring sound effects to players. Now, it will be possible to enjoy both features while playing the game. Check out the explanation:

Until the latest update, the Tempest engine provided information in Ambisonic channels for headphones, stereo TV speakers, and 5.1 and 7.1 audio configurations. Now 7.1.4 support has been introduced, with its four speakers, but nothing really changes in Tempest’s overall rendering strategy: Ambisonic’s 36 channels already have sound coming from all directions, including from the top of the player.

Cerny’s confidence in the PS5 system is so great that teams didn’t even have to test it to see if it worked:

It’s true that game development teams haven’t been able to test with these speaker configurations, but the support has to be completely automatic, and the audio data needed for the game is already in Ambisonic format. In the future, there is opportunity for improvement as sound designers can check for the best sound quality in 7.1.4 speaker configurations as well.

PS5 Slim

The alleged PS5 Slim appears online

A PS5 Slim mockup has been leaked on social media and has caught the attention of the community. Apparently, it is a slightly smaller model with a removable disk reader. Find out more details here!

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