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Profit Sharing (PLR) announced in IR 2021?

Profit Sharing (PLR) announced in IR 2021?

Did the company you work for distribute Employee Profit Sharing (PLR) to employees last year?

The amount received as PLR cannot simply be added to wages. It must be reported separately, in a specific form of advertisement Income tax.

The PLR ​​must be included in the income statement provided by the company. If the value is not split there, ask the company’s human resources to correct the document.

Any PLR value must be declared. See below how to do this.

How to inform PLR in advertising

The amounts received from the PLR ​​must be declared in the form of “Exclusive / Final Taxable Income”.

Locate this form in the menu on the left side of the Ad Filling Program screen.

Under ‘Income Type’, select the icon ’11 – Share profits or results.’

Next, report whether the income was paid to you (pregnant) to one of the dependents.

Fill in the CNPJ and the name of the company responsible for paying the PLR.

Enter the amount received exactly as mentioned on the earnings report provided by the company.

Click OK to finish filling out the form.

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