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Problems in stressful situations? Relax with this test

It is very common for people to display difficulties in answering simple questions when they are under stress. Stimulation from stressful situations often impairs your ability to think. Therefore, exams and tests are always hurdles for most people.

This situation is especially noticeable if you are, or know someone, an instructor at a driving school. You will notice that many people take the practical test multiple times, even if they did well in class and are really good drivers. The problem is that the pressure The resulting test pressure ends up making simple decisions impossible.

But how do you overcome these problems?

If you are a person who is overly affected by insecurities and fears resulting from exams and tests, the most appropriate thing is to look for suitable professionals to overcome these issues, such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

However, if you just want to optimize your performance In stressful situations, it is interesting to use meditation, stretching, or activities that bring some kind of relaxation, either physically or mentally.

Another equally effective and fun way is to do simple tests, like the one below. These tests can develop your mind in order to stimulate your attention to details and logical questions, which makes it possible to relieve the “symptoms” of stressful situations.

Test your brain by finding the errors in the picture

The image below is nothing more than a simple sketch. In it, it is seen that the same image is side by side, however, there are three differences between them.

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So, it’s a simple game of seven misses, with this one being different Three mistakes There is a time limit to complete the challenge.

Find a way to time your time, with your computer, smartphone, or watch. You will have exactly 15 seconds to decipher the errors.

ready? You can start!

Photo: Hardmade

So, did you manage to find the bugs? If you don’t get it, don’t worry. Although it is not possible to keep trying in the same way, in Multiverso Notícias it is possible to find other similar tests to continue training your brain. Below you can check the test answer:

Photo: Hardmade