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A new network of Instagram creators is launching for everyone

A new network of Instagram creators is launching for everyone

a the tool It is a new social news network invented by the founders of Instagram. The big news is that as of last Wednesday, the 22nd, it has become available to all users. It launched last month, and it was a must-win waiting list to get access to the tool. Now, those interested can download the app from the Android and iOS operating system stores.

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the tool

The platform unites two functions: a news reader and a content aggregator. However, there are no major innovations. In practice, the service has an account with a news feed. There, press materials of potential interest to the user are displayed.

This decision as to which topics are covered on the home page comes from the user’s initial settings, as well as from the calibration of the algorithm.

button Dislike

Perhaps the great novelty of the version available to all users is exactly that Dislike. This way, when a user selects the option on an article, less similar content will be presented in their feed.

It is also possible to locate your friends in the new social network, from the contact list synchronization.

Also, another novelty is a kind of “analytics“, that is, data that brings information about the user’s readings. Finally, in this way it is possible to find out, for example, the most beautiful category or which site comes from the main articles that the user account accesses.

No innovations

Despite the hype around Artifact, the tool is not exactly a social network, nor does it offer a different information consumption model. This is because there are no interactions between users, just as there are no possibilities for comments, likes or shares.

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