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Prince Harry is surprised by the event in America after visiting King Charles

Prince Harry is surprised by the event in America after visiting King Charles

As Prince Harry departs for America after a tumultuous week of royal health news, many are wondering why his father King Charles' whirlwind visit was cut short.

The prince flew from Los Angeles to London on Tuesday to visit King Charles. However, he only stayed one night in England before returning to America.

A surprise welcome in Las Vegas

Prince Harry was spotted presenting an award at an NFL ceremony in Las Vegas, where he was greeted with a standing ovation by American football player Cameron Heyward. Both the prince and the sportsman seemed surprised by the presence of the other. Prince Harry joked that American football was a reinvention of rugby, but with a 15-second break.

A quick visit to King Charles

King Charles' visit lasted less than 45 minutes, leading to speculation as to why Prince Harry stayed in England. No meeting with her brother Prince William has been scheduled.

Historian and author Sir Anthony Selden warned that Prince Harry could lose public support in the impasse, advising him to “take control of his life” and not see himself as a “victim”.

Relationship between brothers

The real tension is more between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry than with their father. After cancer treatment and recent prostate surgery, one would imagine that King Charles would be exhausted. After all, anyone who has received news of cancer or illness knows that reactions to such shock are unpredictable.

Despite the media attention, it is important to point out that no one knows what goes on privately within the royal family. It could be a sibling rivalry like musicians Liam and Noel Gallagher, but with tails.

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Different paths of royal brothers

Apparently, as King Charles recovers and returns to work, his two sons are on different paths. As the Queen ages and Charles has already taken on more royal roles, Prince William will also begin to take on more prominent roles. He is the voice of an ancient institution, while Harry's travels identify with the more accessible environment of California.

Prince William, who thanked King Charles for messages of support at a recent event with actor Tom Cruise, will play an even more prominent role as the number of active members of the royal family dwindles.

Despite the lack of apparent family reconciliation, the long-term trend appears to be toward greater communication, particularly between Prince Harry and his father. However, talking publicly about building such bridges is a violation of privacy. When siblings have a serious fight, someone has to be the bigger person and apologize. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen.