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“A Grande Conquista” is Record’s new reality show. Premiere in May – Prisma

Latest lock up in TV recordingwhich is titled “A Grande Conquista”, comes with a different proposal, among other things, because it will start even before its debut.

If anyone does not understand, and of course no one understands, here is the explanation:

The initial challenge for these celebrities will be to secure a spot on the programme. or in the “mansion”. For this, it will be necessary to create a division into groups.

The first of them will be formed by 15 celebrities, who will be known a week before the launch, to enable these young people to mobilize their network of contacts and social networks to achieve the first achievement: public votes and vacancies in the Palace.

Seven days later, here comes the premiere of Forever, when the ten most voted are known. Those will have already won vacancies in the second stage, which is entry into the house.

As for the remaining five, by that time they should join the other 65 candidates who will be in Villa, the host of the first stage of the reality show. A villa, as the name suggests, is a place with three houses and a common living area.

There, 70 people will share food, space, beds, and everything else. An open invitation to perrengue.

There will be ten days of confinement, lots of pressure, competitions, activities, polls and observations, with direct participation from the home audience.

The goal will be to get 20 places in the palace.

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During this cohabitation, some will have special meals, as well as small luxuries, while others will need to hold on to what they have. In this first phase, eliminations will be frequent and take place in staggering numbers.

At the end of the 10 days, the 20 villa residents who have survived all the trials and passed the public scrutiny will get their first achievement in the game, the right to continue to the second stage.

This new stage will begin with the meeting of the 20 survivors of the village with the famous 10 that the audience has already chosen to enter directly into the mansion.

Since then, in a life of luxury, everyone will be equal, fighting week after week in various competitions and activities, to escape elimination and reach the great achievement: the prize is one million Brazilian reais.

Will the winner be the one who best marries his contacts and fans from day one or the one who overcomes all of Villa’s challenges?

This is a question that will only be answered on the day of the final.

In total, 74 episodes are planned, between recorded and live programmes, which will air from Monday to Sunday.

And the audience will be an essential part of its development.