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Scooby reveals the only request he made to God when he saw his newborn daughter on ICU TV news

Peter Scobie He revealed in Fantástico on Sunday (29) the only request he made to God while his daughter, Aurora, was in the hospital. He said he doesn’t usually make vows during New Year’s Eve, but asked for the health of the newborn – who was hospitalized with gastroschisis, A deformity in which part of the intestine protrudes from the abdomen.

The girl had just had surgery to correct the problem, and doctors said the best sign was that she would be able to defecate on her own within the next few hours. “It was the 31st, and in the middle of the night,” he said, laughing, “the only thing I did was ask, ‘Lord, leave her poop. If she didn’t, she’d have to open it up to drain the water.”

Cynthia Decker, who is married to a surfer, admitted that it wasn’t easy receiving a diagnosis during her prenatal care. “The world ended,” she said, “I left the office in tears.” Scobie added, “It was the biggest wave of my life, and the hardest. As much as possible, we took it seriously, without bad energy.”

Aurora had no visible scars, as all the intervention was performed strictly through the navel. I continued to go to the dairy, and [os enfermeiros] They gave it through the investigation. Pedro stayed with me the whole time, side by side in the maternity ward, ”continued the model.

She added, “He grabbed the bar without crying and said, ‘You have to be strong for it. ‘ Until he broke down too and cried. Then I saw I had to be strong, too.”

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According to Scooby, he broke down to tears when doctors told him that one of the catheters connected to the Aurora had become inflamed. She had to undergo general anesthesia for the exchange:

It was good, and evolving, and we’ve been very busy. I said: not now. But then I was riding in the car when a girl who worked in the maternity ward gave me a rosary of blessings to protect my daughter. You didn’t know what was going on. There I started to cry.

Cynthia said she only felt completely relieved when Aurora was released from the hospital. “I think for me he marked the photo The day we left the hospital. I put her in the car seat, put her little hands together and laughed. It was like he knew we were leaving.”

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