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Potiphar takes Joseph to meet Pharaoh

Joseph (Giuliano Laham) is going through difficult days in prison after he was the victim of a sting Neferiades (Dandara Albuquerque). In the next chapters of the novel origin, from Record TV, cleans up the place, increasingly tired and desperate.

Meanwhile, three soldiers are talking nearby. Suddenly, Jose noticed that they were silent and stood up. Two other soldiers suddenly entered the place, leaving his son Yacoub (Petrônio Gontijo) Alert to the situation.


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Soldiers make way Potiphar (Val Perret .))And Who goes to prison? He approaches Jose, who, frightened and surprised, says: “Lord Potiphar…”. The army chief was silent for a few seconds.

I came to take you. Today you will perform in front of the pharaoh“Butiphar fires, leaving Jose even more astonished. And then, does that mean that brother Judah (Tiago Rodriguez) Could he be about to leave prison? Do you meet with Chichi (Fernando Peacock)) Could he change the fate of the righteous man in a biblical plot?

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