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“All the series were iconic”; Antonio Fagondez sends Globo a hint when he is on the Dança dos Famosos jury


Antonio Fagondez tipped Globo, the station where he worked for several years, when commenting on current soap operas.

© Run / globeAntonio Fagondes participates in the artistic jury of Danca dos Famosos

Antonio Fagondis Participated in the technical jury of famous dance This Sunday (21), at Sunday with Hack. The veteran actor received honors from Luciano Hack, which featured excerpts from his career and recalled his featured roles on the network. However, Fagundes did not miss the opportunity Send a hint to the channel.

As soon as Huck showed testimonials from Matthew Solano that it Fabio Assuncao Regarding the actor’s career, Fagundes commented on the time he worked on home soap operas, and in a subtle way criticized current plots. “It was great to work with all of them. I was very lucky here at TV Globo, because I was part of a very magical moment, in terms of dramaturgy, where all the TV series were iconic. And I was lucky to do that in about 20 people at least here. So I have memories Brilliant, I was very impressed by all of them.”He said.

And Huck Antonio Fagondis also asked if he didn’t miss doing the series. Sincerely, send the real person: “I think I’ve already done so much that it’s necessary to give the audience some time so they don’t get bored of me, no”At his words, the audience and the presenter laughed.

The actor spent nearly 40 years at Globo, but ended up leaving the station after receiving a proposal he deemed below his expectations to work on a remake of Pantanal, which aired last year. His last work on the channel was in Bom Sucesso, from 2019. He is currently dedicating himself to theatre.

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