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Successful Influencer Priscilla Nardy With Weight Loss Formula

Successful Influencer Priscilla Nardy With Weight Loss Formula

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Priscilla Nardi He has more than 72,000 followers on Instagram. But for some time now she started to flourish more with her publications. The influencer began offering a formula to treat localized fat, looseness, and weight loss, which made it into the public’s eye.

“I created a love for the profession as a secretary in a beauty clinic, I lived every day what I would like to have in the future in my own clinic. I decided to take a cosmetology course, parallel to my job, to learn more about what I experienced there. Then I decided to create my first clinic. It was a space Pretty small, but that’s where I took my first steps in this world. Working hard,” he says.

Developed in 2015, Priscilla’s method of cosmetic treatments is already a registered trademark and has been a turning point for its growth.

“When it comes to beauty, we talk about dreams. That’s why I place my work on the pillars of results, ethics and excellence. I like to say that my method, in addition to being innovative, is effective. It meets what women who have problems with localized fat and sagging are looking for: real results” .

In addition to reaching within Brazil, this full networking presence of Priscilla made her plan to launch the franchise in her name elsewhere. It has already been sought for courses by professionals from the United States and Portugal.

“With the results of my progress, I began to teach courses all over Brazil and even abroad, such as the United States and Portugal. Teaching courses today are a part of me, I love to share my knowledge and this also moves me,” he ends.

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