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Politec awards the Medal of Merit in Science and Justice to Public Sector Employees and Partners – News

Civilian and military personnel and civic dignitaries were awarded the Polytechnic Medal of Merit for Science and Justice, on Friday (17.12), in the Auditorium of the State Comptroller General (CGE). This honor honors the services rendered that have contributed to the growth and strengthening of the institution in Mato Grosso.

In his speech, Politec’s Deputy Director General, Emivan Battista de Oliveira, thanked all employees for their contributions. “Our thanks to our colleagues who have contributed to our development during these 31 years of the institution, each one has his share of contribution, because without you we would not be here at this time.”

The indication of personalities to be honored with the medal was appreciated and selected in a collective decision by the Scientific and Technological Policy Council of Politec. The 20 awards are subject to an annual maximum recipient, 10 of which are intended to decorate civilian and military figures, public and private institutions, national and foreign.

10 more dedicated to honoring Enterprise Servers, broken down into the following categories: Forensic Forensic Experts, Formal Medical Examiner and Dentist, Papillary Endoscope, Autopsy Technician and Second Forensic Expert, Central District Servers, Exclusively Delegated Servers or other servers that provide or provide services in Polytech.

The heraldic representation of the ornament describes the institution’s symbol and contains elements that represent the institution’s scientific technical work, performed by the forensic laboratory, forensic medicine, and technical identification panels.

The official medical examiner, Silvio César Rogovsky, traveled more than a thousand kilometers from Conversa to Cuiabá to receive the honor and felt very proud of that recognition. “When we propose a job, we have to wear the shirt to do it for the good of the community. So, I am very happy to be here to represent the interior of the state and the Conversa region.”

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He was awarded the Medal and represented by the category of Economic and Social Development Technicians, and the acceptance speech was given by Politec’s Chief of Staff, Francis Raymond Cordero de Sousa.

I would like to highlight the importance of civil servants in the central/administrative region who contribute significantly to the ultimate task of implementing formal expertise and defining technical identification. I want to take this opportunity and thank my team, it is an honor for me to get this medal for this institution which I started as a trainee and then became effective through public competition. I want to highlight my government and my advisory team responsible for organizing the event, this medal is ours.”

Lionel Teodoro de Mello, one of the representatives of the career of papillomatologists, received the news of his great surprise and happiness, remembering his path in conquests.

“I thank God and my colleagues at Politec who have helped us, directly or indirectly, to place the identity of the state of Mato Grosso in the highest level of recognition, and today the Aroldo Mendes Paiva Identification Institute is recognized at the national level, both civil and criminal, the humanized service and digital processing and improving the working conditions of papillary endoscopy devices within the device.”

Among the medal recipients, the Mayor of Nova Motom, Leandro Felix, highlighted the partnership that exists between the state and the municipality. “I am very grateful to the entire Politec team and its managers. Certainly, while we are in the running of our municipality, we will do our best to be partners and make investments so that the services of the Foundation reach the entire community.”

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The ceremony was attended by representatives of the security forces, the judiciary, employees and managers of Politec. The Order of Merit ‘Science and Justice’ was established by Decree No. 09 of November 30, 2020.

The list of recipients is determined annually by the Politec Scientific Policy Board. Order No. 05/2021 on the list of beneficiaries was published in the Official Gazette in No. 11/26/2021.