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“Plantona” TV news

“Plantona” TV news

Despite a great home away from home crowd, Amanda Meirelles isn’t the main protagonist of BBB 23 in Fred Nicasio’s view. At Mais Você breakfast on Wednesday (12), the doctor admitted that he thought the blonde would go so far in the game only because of the fans who really wanted her to couple with Antonio Cara de Sabato Jr., before kicking out the fighter. from the reality show.

Without mincing words, Fred Nicasio went straight to refer to Amanda as one of the plants on the Big Brother Brazil edition. “Amanda is a big plant, aren’t you guys? That big plant that has taken root and spread out and is full of leaves around,” he said.

Showrunners Talitha Morete and Fabrício Battaglini were surprised by Netflix’s previous statement, noting that the Doctor Who’s out audiences are large and he can get into a brawl with audiences. “Well, facts are supposed to be told,” he replied unconcerned.

“I think if it came to game thinking, I’d like someone to point me to three moves—not three, one. A move by Amanda that puts her on top of this game. Amanda, [porque] I did not have.”

Nicácio then analyzes the participant’s supporters, who, according to him, are counting on a couple that did not exist before. “Why are you still on this show? Because there’s such a huge ‘fandom’ here. I respect all of her fans, and I think every one should cheer on who they think they should really cheer on, but I have to say that for her inside the house, there’s a club For a fan based fan base that didn’t exist before. And she laughed, knowing this didn’t exist. Everyone who leaves BBB knows this couple doesn’t exist,” he said.

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Even with BBB 23 kicking out Cara de Sapato before the couple even happened, Nicácio thinks the crowd just ended up clinging to Amanda. “It’s what supports her. And because it was immigration, the backers won’t stop supporting because a candidate was fired for sexual harassment. And that’s going to shift to her,” he added, referring to the fact that fans wouldn’t allow it. Go from her hand. her sister. “So, in this setting, it’s getting stronger, it’s continuing to grow stronger from the sounds. Now, speaking of gameplay, what got Amanda here wasn’t the game, it was exhilarating.”

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