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Fred Nicasio was eliminated in 13th place with 51.14% of the vote, Sarah Allen winning the leader and forming a new Baridao

Fred Nicasio was eliminated in 13th place with 51.14% of the vote, Sarah Allen winning the leader and forming a new Baridao


Sarah Allen actually won the leader test, which the eight survivors objected to; The new Paredão was formed by Amanda, Allen Werley, and Cesar Black.

BBB 23: Fred Nicácio was eliminated, Sarah Aline took the lead and a new Paredão was formed. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

On Tuesday (11) at BBB 23 (TV Globo), the detainees were surprised by an accelerated situation that they did not expect. The leadership of Ricardo Alves ended earlier than expected and a new leader took over the reign, which had already started with the strength of the nomination to Baridao, and a new seat was formed. Dr. Fred Nicasio was chosen to leave reality with 51.14% of the vote and is the thirteenth eliminated.

Sarah Allen has moved from Baridaw to lead
Also in the spotlight were Bruna Griffaut, who received 47.53% of the audience vote, and Sarah Allen, who received an unvoiced vote: 1.33%. The post-elimination Leader’s Trial featured all eight survivors and did not have the Power of Veto, as Lettuce hoped to prevent Cesar Black from participating. In the garden of the house, the inmates administered the test in three stages.

Commander Sarah Allen nominated Amanda for membership in Baridaw. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

In the first phase of the conflict, the participants played a memory game. Bruna Griffau, Amanda, Ricardo Alves and Sarah Allen advanced to the next stage, which had to put together a puzzle. Amanda and Sarah Allen won the second stage, and qualified for the final stage. In the third and final stage, the two sisters had a ball pool to face off in search of five cards. Sarah Allen won!

Emotions did not subside after the test of the commander and the besiegers were still amazed at Baridao’s formation. Back in the living room, the commander sent Amanda straight to the ballot. The fourteenth Paredão was completed by the two most voted people by the house: César Black and Allen Werley. At this point in the game, there was no Test back and forth.

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