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Pindamonhangaba and Roseira open the National Science and Technology Week

Pindamonhangaba and Roseira open the National Science and Technology Week

Photo: PMP / Disclosure

The Education Departments of Pindamonhangaba and Roseira Municipalities held the inauguration of the National Science and Technology Week on November 7.


The event is held by the National Scientific and Technological Development Fund, Finep Innovation and Research, CNPQ, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, EEL USP, with support from Uniasselvi and Shopping Pátio Pinda.

Photo: PMP / Disclosure

The event aims to rally people around the theme of National Science and Technology Week, which this year marks the bicentenary of Brazil’s independence. In Pindamonhangaba, the event runs until November 12, at Shopping Pátio Pinda, with an extensive programme.

The opening brought together about 80 students from the schools of João Cesario and Francesco de Assis Cesar, of Bendamonangaba, and Ernesto Marcondes Rangel, of Rosera.

They watched a science presentation by USP students, who conducted several experiments, including the participation of elementary school students.

The inauguration was attended by University of the South Pacific Coordinator, Professor Carlos Shig, Educational Adviser to Rosera, Joao Kennedy de Carvalho, Assistant Minister of Education of Pindamonhangaba, Fabiano Fanon, and Minister of Education of Pindamonhangaba, Luciana Ferreira, among others. representatives of the two municipalities.

Joao Kennedy de Carvalho said, “The initiative is very important for the development of students, who will use the teachings while learning, and are very happy to participate in the National Science and Technology Week.”

Luciana Ferreira highlighted the importance of using technology to improve transfer and knowledge technologies. “Using science and technology meets what we have given students, using technological resources and innovation, which aids in the learning process and makes classrooms more dynamic and engaging, allowing students to explore to the maximum what is being offered.”

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