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Photography: Samsung Expert RAW receives a function that mimics the Galaxy’s neutral density filter

Photography: Samsung Expert RAW receives a function that mimics the Galaxy’s neutral density filter

On Thursday (16), Samsung released an update to its Expert RAW application for professional photography that allows you to capture uncompressed images in RAW format. The new version of the gadget features the introduction of a mode that simulates neutral density filters, opening up new possibilities for the brand’s smartphone cameras.

Neutral density filters are commonly used by professional photographers in their physical form, but it is also possible to simulate these objects through software. This is the addon that Reduces the amount of light entering the sensor While shooting long exposuresacting as a kind of “sunglasses” for the camera.

For example, when shooting landscapes in daylight, the camera will require a fast shutter speed to prevent the sensor from capturing too much light and becoming too bright. The problem is that when the shutter is too fast, images can appear too “static,” without providing a sense of objects moving.

Now imagine this situation when photographing a waterfall in broad daylight: the movement of the water will freeze. In order for the photo to have a motion blur effect, the shutter must remain open longer, and when using a neutral density filter, the photo will not suffer from overbrightness and overexposure.

As mentioned earlier, neutral density filters are physical in origin, but it is also possible to create a similar effect using software, which is what Samsung’s new Expert RAW update suggests. When you download the new version of the app from the Galaxy Store, you can find the new option in the app settings, in the “Expert RAW Labs” section.

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When the feature is activated, the abbreviation “ND” will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. You can press it to adjust the filter strength – from 2 to 1000 – as needed. Please remember that Expert RAW is only available for the most advanced Samsung mobile phones, including the following models: