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Petrobras resumes production in Campo de Araçás

Petrobras resumes production in Campo de Araçás

said Jean-Paul Pratis, director of the state-owned company

Jean Paul Pratis

247 – The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) has resumed production in the Aracas field, in Bahia Terra Hub, announced the President of Petrobras, Jean-Paul Pratis. “We are returning the procedures to resume oil and gas production immediately. I will be back in Bahia on the 13th, so we can work together to verify full operation in the field,” he said.

The general coordinator of the United Federation of Petroleum Workers (FUP), David Basilar, highlighted the importance of the declaration. “There is no need to stop all production to solve problems that could have been solved while the units were in operation,” he said. “Petrobras is the main company in the region when it comes to job creation and the local economy itself. Not looking closely at this would be a big problem,” he added.

Radiovaldo Costa, Director of Sindipetro-BA, agrees. He pointed to the importance of increasing investment and production, creating more job opportunities, increasing tax collection for the municipality, and accomplishing what these fields have historically done in our region, which is still very poor.

Costa stresses the importance of getting the Aracas field back in action. The trade unionist said: “Teamwork has ensured a rapid resumption of activities. This performance by both Petrobrás and external workers, has restored production earlier than expected and fills us with hope, especially now with the end of the risks of privatization of the field”.

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