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Patricia Abravanel impresses by posing with her 3 children in the US

Patricia Abravanel impresses by posing with her 3 children in the US

Patricia Abravanal poses with her children and her husband on a family trip

Provider Patricia Abravanal A delicious vacation came in a super family photo. Among the iconic communicator’s six daughters is the famous heir to the “Man of the Drunk”. Silvio SantosA proud mother of three famous children, the benefits of joining her Fabio Faria.

The couple has been together since 2013 and made the relationship official in 2017 in a lavish ceremony. The family’s eldest son, Pedro, turned 8 last September. She is the only girl among the three Patricia Abravanal Her name is Jane and she is 4 years old. Soon, a few months after the birth of the girl, the presenter became pregnant with her youngest, the little Chener, named after the famous grandfather, is 3 years old.

A social network profile created by fans for the artist showed a beautiful photo of a family vacation at a Disney park in Orlando, Florida, USA. In the photo, Patricia poses smiling in front of the famous castle in the middle of the park’s streets. She is survived by her three children, her husband Fabio Faria and her mother Isis Abravanal and one of her sisters, Rebecca Abravanal.

Fans wrote enthusiastically under the heading “Good rhythm of school holidays”. Other netizens sent many messages praising the affection and the famous family. “Beautiful family,” one follower praised. “That’s all good,” said another fan.

Currently, Patricia Abravanal Serious work is on pace. She fronts the attraction presented by her father “Programa do Silvio Santos” on Sundays on SBT. In addition to the host, the communicator is also the father of five daughters: Cynthia, Sylvia, Daniela, Renata and Rebecca. The host has 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren! Rebekah was the only one of the Abravanal heirs who was still childless. Since 2019, she is married to football player Alexandre Pato.

Instagram reproduction Patricia Abravanal appeared with her children and her husband on a trip to America

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