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Amazon has been accused of violating U.S. labor law – 02/25/2022 – Mercado

According to documents obtained by Reuters, the Amazon.com workers’ group filed a chargesheet with U.S. labor regulators on Thursday following the arrest of a local leader and two employees outside a company warehouse.

The group is seeking to create a syndicate at the New York corporate facility.

Christian Smalls told Reuters on Wednesday he was arrested while serving food to warehouse workers as part of a trade union campaign he was leading.

Smalls, a former warehouse worker, is trying to turn Amazon’s JFK8 Staten Island into a union facility. From March 25, workers will vote on the proposal.

An unfair labor practice indictment filed by a group of workers on Thursday alleges the company violated a December agreement with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

As part of the agreement, Amazon has promised that it will not restrict workers’ ability to engage with their co-workers in areas outside of work during their leisure time.

In the indictment, the panel alleges that Amazon employees Brett Daniels and Jason Anthony were arrested Wednesday in retaliation for their involvement in the company.

Smalls previously worked in the warehouse and was fired in 2020 for allegedly violating the company’s safety policies.

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said the deal “regulates employees ‘rights to own property (company) and that the company has done nothing to prevent workers’ involvement.”

Amazon called police at Smalls, not the other two workers, Nandel said.

“Smalls – not an Amazon employee – broke down again and again despite numerous warnings. Yesterday, when officers told Smalls to leave, he chose to escalate the situation and the police made their own decision on how to respond,” Nantel said.

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