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Palmeiras x WTorre: A lawsuit worth 160 million Brazilian reals has a new chapter, and STJ denies issuing an injunction to the construction company |  Palm trees

Palmeiras x WTorre: A lawsuit worth 160 million Brazilian reals has a new chapter, and STJ denies issuing an injunction to the construction company | Palm trees

Titles from the Abel era brought Miras a lot of money

Last week, the court rejected the appeal filed by Real Arenas, which requested not to have to provide guarantees that it was able to repay the debts incurred by the club. The company appealed the matter to Syrians for Truth and Justice, which in turn rejected the injunction.

As a result, WTorre does not have to deposit the amount yet, but needs to submit collateral to the court in the next few days to pay it. Information published by Uol and confirmed by ge.

Allianz Parque is the subject of a court battle between Palmeiras and Wuturi – Photography: Marcos Riboli

Last year, the court actually requested that guarantees be provided, but the construction company was able to overturn the decision. If Real Arenas does not prove in court that it is able to pay the amount,… Palm trees You can even request asset seizure.

The amount of R$160 million indicates that there are no transfers claimed by the club in the arena revenues accumulated since 2015. As events continue without the dispute being resolved, the figure claimed by Verdão will continue to rise in the process.

The event was inaugurated in 2017, and is still under the management of then-President Mauricio Galeot. Hey Palm trees It is paid the percentage of Allianz Parque's revenue to which it is entitled under the contract.

The construction company disagrees with the amount and explains that there are discussions about the amounts due and owing from the partnership in the arbitration court. However, the above charge is made by Palm trees In common justice.

The club's assessment is that the debt is not controversial, with Toure submiting monthly reports, as stipulated in the agreement, detailing the revenues earned by the club. Palm trees He will be entitled to a percentage.

Remember: Leila Pereira speaks in 2023 about the crisis between Palmeiras and Toure: “It is not a success story”

Therefore, it is also understood that it cannot be treated as a subject of arbitration, where partners negotiate topics where there is a difference of interpretation in the contract.

Wanted, the Palm trees It says it “is still seeking the amounts of transfers that Real Arenas has not made since 2015; which is ultimately a pure debt, uncontroversial and recognized by the superficial entity itself.” Real Arenas will not take a position.

The values ​​are detailed in the balance sheet

Verdão's 2023 financial statement, filed this month, contains an area detailing financial differences with WTorre.

In the “Other receivables” area, rights worth R$121.5 million were issued with Real Arenas. The explanation in the document is that “the balance corresponds to the amounts to be received from the General Instrument of the Constitution of Real Surface Rights and other agreements, signed between the Club and Real Arenas.”

Balance sheet of Palmeiras on values ​​related to Real Arenas – Image: Reproduction

There is also an “Real Arenas Estimated Losses” area in which Palm trees She calculates that she has R$38.4 million to pay the company.

How the value was arrived at is not detailed in the balance sheet, but there is a discussion in the arbitration court between the partners in which the values ​​each will receive are discussed. This process is carried out secretly from the courts.

Leila Pereira, President Palm treesWhenever he can, he criticizes the company and has already described the 30-year agreement signed with WTorre as a “bad deal” for the club.

Allianz Parque before Palmeiras x Santos – Photography: Marcos Riboli

How long will the partnership be? Palm trees Wotori?

The 30-year partnership came into force when the stadium was opened at the end of 2014. In other words, the contract between the club and the construction company is valid until November 2044.

What percentage of the revenue is Verdau entitled to?

Recipes Palm trees To rent the square for events, in addition to exploring areas such as shops, cafeterias and parking lots, which are:

  • Up to 5 years from opening: 20%
  • From 5 years to 10 years from opening (current stage): 25%
  • From 10 to 15 years from the opening date: 30%
  • From 15 years to 20 years from the date of opening: 35%
  • From 20 to 25 years Opening: 40%
  • From 25 years to 30 years Opening: 45%

Revenues from chair and box rentals as well as naming rights at Allianz are:

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