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Find out where to watch Flamengo vs Audax-SP, via Copenha

Find out where to watch Flamengo vs Audax-SP, via Copenha

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Flamengo and Audax SP face each other at the Estadio Breveto Jose Liberati in Osasco.

Flamengo will return to the field on Thursday (11) when it faces Audax-SP is in the game valid for the third From the group stage of the Sao Paulo Junior Cup (Copenha). The ball kicks off at 5:30pm (Brasilia time), with Cazé TV broadcasting on YouTube, and Radio Coluna do Fla also broadcasting on YouTube.

Audax-SP x Flamingo No It will be broadcast on TV channels. However, Cazé TV, via YouTube, is showing the clash live. Thus, the match will be held at the Privito Jose Liberati Stadium, in Osasco, as part of the third round of the group stage in Copenha.

FLA speech transmission

As tradition dictates, whether professional or popular, the angriest and reddest streamers on the Internet are Coluna do Fla's responsibility. So, on YouTube, Rafa Pinedo narrates the Audax-SP x Flamengo, with comments by Tulio Rodriguez.


Flamingo seeks classification

After two wins in Copenha, Flamengo will take to the field on Thursday (11) trying to maintain its 100% success. Furthermore, Mario Jorge's men are aiming to ensure qualification for the next stage of the tournament.

With the classification practically guaranteed, Flamengo occupies first place in Group 19 with six points. Audax-SP and São José-SP are also competing for a place in the knockout stages, both with three points. In other words, a draw is enough for Minghao to top the group and easily qualify for the next stage.

Furthermore, the match against Audax marks a farewell for some players in red and black from the competition. This is because part of the team will return to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Campeonato Carioca.

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