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Deniz praises Vasco's second half and praises Kano: "The thing that impressed me the most since I arrived" |  Vasco

Deniz praises Vasco’s second half and praises Kano: “The thing that impressed me the most since I arrived” | Vasco

The dream of access is still alive! On Sunday night, Vasco beat Convienca 2-1 at Batistao Stadium, with two goals from Cano and Ricardo Graca. (See bids in the video above), won 3rd in a row and came a little closer to the G-4 of the Series B for the Brazilian Championship. In a video press conference after the match, coach Fernando Diniz, still undefeated in charge of the team, mentioned the difficulty of the match when analyzing the match and praised the second half of the match:

We didn’t play well in the first half. We had the ball and we didn’t produce it. We were slow. Confidence was good, gave us the biggest job yet. In the second half, we came back with more force. It was not interchangeable. The players were sharper. That’s what made us win the match. After 2-0, we had a chance to expand and we didn’t get killed. We experienced a free kick goal, a move we set out to do. But we ended up scoring. The team deserves all the praise in the second half.

Kano paved the way for Vasco’s victory over Konvyanka – Photo: The Clone Premiere

Deniz praised some of the players at the conference, but one in particular was the most praised by the coach: German Kano. Asked if the extra-back position could hinder the Argentine striker’s heart, the captain disagreed and filled the ball with the player who scored the first goal of the match:

– The fact that he returned does not in any way contradict his ability to score goals. On the contrary, he becomes a more complete player. He is the player that impressed me the most since I joined Vasco.

As a result, Vasco moved up to sixth and dropped seven to five points off the G4, with 10 rounds remaining in the championship. In the next round, the team continues to play away and visits Sampaio Correia on Saturday, 9pm (GMT), in Castellao.

A Voz da Torcida – João Almirante: “I’m glad Vasco was able to give back to the crowd”

See other responses from Diniz:

– They didn’t earn points just with me in that match. Since my arrival, Pec and Riquelme have been earning points with me. Riquelme is talented. Pec has been undergoing ankle treatment for a week. I was transferred to start the game.

Should you keep the lineup?

– It’s one possibility. We came back to the second half with another situation. Léo Matos put in a good game, so it wasn’t just about the exchange that we improved. Zeca moved to the center, he was actually out of position. Did not play the game. But the players were more aggressive, and Beck did very well and we produced more. The second half lineup is possible, but we have other ways to build the team.

Vasco fans in Sergipe

– Fans have increasingly paid our team. It’s huge, beautiful. We feel at home here. Vasco is much bigger than being in the second division. So, the fans believe in him more and more. He was instrumental in achieving the goal. The fan was another player on the field, so I actually called him to help us against Sampaio Korea. Vasco is a different fan. The players are injured and so am I.

Benefit from players under 20

– More than just watching a game, it’s not a game that determines something. I always talk to the key people. The possibility is always there, but the time to adapt is short. If we find this necessary, there will be an open space to welcome key players and develop them into the pros.

– It might have been done more accurately. I really like getting close to the players so we can give ourselves in training and in matches. I am passionate about what I do, and the demand is high to represent Vasco. We have to raise the club’s name in a routine way. We always have to go this way to succeed.

– You can’t say what was said. But what changed the mood of the players. We can provide more. This was a general change. All players returned in a more positive way and with greater delivery power.

Vasco has three goalkeepers that I love. There is also Alexander, whom I also love. Vanderley at the level of the Brazilian national team. I haven’t reviewed the bid yet. I can tell he was significant against Goias and Prosci. He has my full confidence

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